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ABOUT:  My designs are inspired by the details of things found in nature. They usually begin as a photograph of something that intrigues me by it’s form. Many designs are specific to the unique place where the image begins. Nestled in the King Range National Preservation on the coast in Northern California click here to see Shelter Cove, CA designs. They start in nature or with the effects of nature on man-made items, rusting metal, plants, shells to name a few. The small textures of life all around us, color, shape and contrast draw me in and inspire the design to unfold. A pattern begins, is painted or drawn and then blended with it’s original photo to create the finished design.

All Love Design Mission: Celebrate being alive, see and create beauty, live with reverence for all before, share a heartfelt appreciation for nature, and spread love with kindness.

Wholesale pricing available for orders of 10+ items.

All Yoga Legging Designs are available in Plus Sizes upon request.

Contact:  |  805-637-1933  |  707-798-0011


Amy Lundstrom Designs

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